Looking back at “Knot”

We had a great time at the recent performance of Knot, a story told in dance and acrobatics, brought to us through the Highlights programme.

We don’t have exact audience numbers yet, but there were over sixty people there, of all ages (but not the 16-30 age range). As the performance occupied part of the floor, we couldn’t have fitted many more chairs in.

The spell-binding story lasted an hour and was followed by a question and answer session with the dancers.

Nikki and JD talking with the audience after the dance (pic by Esther from Highlights)

Highlights asked questions of a sample of the audience (30 responses) for evaluation and feedback, and the results are worth sharing:

63% of respondents had travelled less than 4 miles to the show, and another 20% between 4 and 15 miles. Most of the audience had visited events and activities at the Village Hall several times in the last year, so it was a regular, local audience.

Most of the audience were specifically attracted to a dance performance, half said they were looking for something different and unusual, and a third said they trusted the programming decisions made by the hall and Highlights.

The overwhelming majority found the show very enjoyable, thought-provoking and memorable, and the quality of show rated excellent. The emotional responses varied from happy to sad – this was a complex emotional show – but nobody ticked “Bored”.

Most people would like to see more dance performances, and felt that this show demonstrated the range and versatility of contemporary dance.

We have had great feedback on Facebook, and Highlights collected some positive comments on their feedback forms, including:

  • Amazing to have this in our little village hall
  • Excellent to have quality performances at local venue

We feel that, as well as enjoying a great piece of work, we have delivered on our objectives in bringing this production to the audience in Allendale. We are grateful to Highlights Rural Touring and to Nikki, JD and Zoe for the performance.

(More information about the Highlights questions and answers can be made available.)