Murder Mystery at the Village Hall!

19 October 2019

So James Bond entered a retirement home in his sunset days, when a dead body was found on the doorstep. Last night, the cast of On The Move Theatre took us through a variety of costume changes, including some dramatic wigs, as the residents of the home were gradually revealed as Bond’s old opponents and the audience were challenged to identify the villains and name the murderer. Scenes of farce were intertwined with plot twists, audience interaction and some terrific attempts at a range of European accents.

The performance was organised by Lisa Berg for the benefit of St Oswalds Hospice. Lucy Irving provided a hot buffet.

The feedback showed that most of the audience were very local. They came in groups of friends – as teams for the competitive element of the show. Most people had been to the Village Hall often over the last year – a local regular crowd for a sociable night out.

Thanks to Lisa for putting this together.